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5 Common Mistakes that Web Designers do

Are you in mood to design your new website, you need some alluring web design that can convert into fatal mistakes. This is a fact if your website represents your business then best to see the below 5 common mistakes to avoid at all costs while Web Designing



The visitor site must not be seen on the site unless one have remarkable traffic. Well visitors get no benefit while there is just one way of showing benefit if someone has millions of visitors and desire to display the fame of your site. Besides this, one can use this space for an advantage headline that takes customer to another part of the website.

Too Many Graphics

Having variety of graphics can cause a heavy load that makes site performance too slow. Visitors will lose its patience and mostly times click out of your site and never come back. So Web Designers must focus upon graphics.


Just confine your banners to the bare necessities, Why? As banners are popular, graphic that can effect loading time and a turn-off for various surfers on the internet.

Scattered Web Site

Web Designers follows a pattern that is preferred by visitors. Receive several people to visit your site and observe them as they navigate. Notify the places where they stop and also links where they click on. Managing your website to target audience is very significant whether you are focusing them to buy something.


Web Designing also effects online product selling. This is a personalize way to reach to your target audience. There is fact that one cannot be everything to everybody. The business owners who are prestigious on the web normally have very particular services and products that focus a niche market.

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