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5 Most Coveted E-Commerce Marketing Tools of 2015


With the rapidly rising popularity of E-commerce, web development companies are very keen in introducing latest and unique developments in the field of E-Commerce in every possible sense. These developments make it possible for the E-commerce sites to put together world’s biggest brands under one roof presented in the form of amazing deals. But these sites can reap maximum profits if all the offerings are marketed well enough to reach each and every part of the world. Recently, 5 E-commerce marketing tools have been highlighted that can help you elevate your sales through various marketing tactics. Read this article from our website to know about these tools in detail.


Bounce Exchange - Behavioral Automation - Exit Intent 2015-05-27 16-37-44


This tool makes sure that your website’s bounce rate is reduced and you get maximum conversions possible. Using this tool, you can monitor the movements of the visitor’s cursor and can gauge their interest in your E-commerce site. If at any point this tool detects that the visitor is about to leave your site, then it puts a discount offer immediately into display which increases your chances of generating the lead. You can take a demo of how this tool works by visiting our website.

Crazy Egg - Visualize Your Visitors 2015-05-27 16-40-55




crazyegg allows the website owners to monitor the points on the website that are clicked most of the time by the visitors. It also gives deep insight into the origin of these visitors and hence formulate a database giving a detailed information about a company’s clientele. Through these features, you can figure out what the popular consumer trends are and can plan your marketing activity accordingly.

Optimizely- Make every experience count 2015-05-27 16-44-38



optimizely being used by e-commerce web development companies for analyzing the effects of various website layouts on the sales being generated from any given E-commerce site. This is the best tool that can employ the A/B test for this purpose.

Site Search & Navigation for Top Ecommerce Retailers 2015-05-27 16-47-06



search spring allows you to have some really efficient search bars on your E-commerce site that can help your customers to get as close to their desired products as possible. Through these search bars, site navigation becomes very easy for the consumers and the site owners are better able to collect relevant consumer data for improving their website’s design and aspects of customer services further.

Bring Customers Close - Zendesk 2015-05-27 16-50-19



Zendesk helps all the E-commerce website owners to capitalize over the consumers-related analytics and create strong bonds with their visitors by converting them into long-term customers through reliable and high quality services. This tool makes it easy for you to keep an organized record of all the queries that visitors might drop in on your website through any media. It further facilitates the site owners to take feedback from the customers through survey forms and questionnaires.

These five tools give an all-rounder solution for directly increasing sales from your E-commerce site and giving a boost to your lead generation process like never before.



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