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Brochure Design – Techniques For Creative Designing

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It’s easy to come up and form together a slick published product. But here’s the tricky part, coming up with a brochure that dazzles. Okay, so you already know how to design a good brochure but do you know how to make it stand out in the crowd? No? We were hoping you’d say that! It’s a tricky business creating a brochure design that is unique and dazzling. You need to realize the difference between a good looking brochure and a great looking one to begin with. Only then will you know how your design is unique and worth a watch.

Before you begin creating your brochure, you should know the purpose behind its formation. You can ask clients all sorts of questions like why they need a brochure, how it can help them. Make your client define the actual objective behind its creation. Maybe the brochure they got earlier made didn’t bring out the results they were looking for. Ask them why they need one? If they already have made up a brief, take your time to look at it carefully to know why they want a brochure made.

The next thing you should do when you are creating a brochure design is limiting the number of fonts you use. There’s no need to have a selection of fonts while designing; a couple will do just fine for you. Before you put your pen to notepad, it’s best you talk to your client about paper stock. What paper they have in mind for their brochures to be printed on. Ask them if they ever considered the use of uncoated paper. Find out everything they have in mind before you commence.

Your readers should be your prime concern. Whenever you are thinking about designing a brochure, think from a reader’s perspective and not yours. The end purpose of the brochure should be clear in your mind. Is the paper a giveaway at some event or occasion, or just one that is meant to be left behind? Whatever the purpose is, it should be kept clear in mind.

If you want to know how to form a great brochure that can easily stand out in the lot then you need to realize the fact that sometimes even the simplest designs can do wonders. A simple idea can turn out to be a great success. This is the thing about designs! Also, you don’t have to go overboard with statements. Say as little as possible but the message should be there and clearly conveyed.

You want your designs to get noticed, right? Well, if so then there is no point in going overboard with wacky ideas. In fact, there is no need to go loony just for the sake of attention. Stick to what you know is best and will work out great. For instance, don’t go about using numerous fonts. Here us out when we say this; there is a very sound reason to successful designs use certain fonts over and over again.

Every client runs his own business, which obviously has its own unique nature. It doesn’t work the way other businesses work. You agree to it, right? Well, same way, a design has to say about the business. It needs to fit into the environment of the client’s business. For instance, a charity will not want those fancy brochures that cost a fortune making people think they have wasted so much money on just a brochure; what a lousy thing to do! Same way, if a new product is being launched, it needs to have an appealing brochure that can be placed next to it on an exhibition stand, and should complement the product well.

Lastly, the photos need to look amazing. The images should look fine; don’t try scraping off their corners just because you ran out of space.

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