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Google Makes Changes so SEO Services Believes Every Site Should Get Help

Anyone with a business website should know all about search engine optimization or SEO and the purpose that it serves in marketing your business website to search engines. SEO is so important that it eventually plays a part in marketing. The reason that Google is so important in all of this according to SEO Audit Expert is that around 80 percent of users use Google for searching. So if something hinders Google traffic you would probably have a hard time building an online presence.

SEO Services Provider in Dubai

Dubai SEO Expert believes as do others involved with SEO is that it is a real skill, more of an art to be able to plan a SEO marketing plan. The problem that is being seen more and more in this industry being taken over with scam artists and sites that employ what is known as blackhat SEO practices and companies that are operating that way will not help your business grow. Many website owners are also turning against Google. In the past Google’s main focus was to serve the good of the entire Internet. But Google has announced that it is in business to make money and that they will begin making some major changes that anyone who cares about web traffic should know.

Over the years, Google has been very transparent with its guidelines and webmasters blog and even in free tools like reports on analytic. SMS Marketing UAE talked about Google making changes in small amounts since 2009 when they introduced ‘Snippet’ as a way to let the better websites or web masters show better in search. Then Google dropped the keyword meta tag from all its algorithms which was a move that had everyone in the world of SEO upset. This was to help stop the spamming of keywords which would make the rules somewhat more legitimate and easy for every website.

Now the new thing announced two weeks ago is that Google has changed its algorithm that has been used since Google appeared on the internet. This is a major change and no one is quite sure how it is going to affect their search engine rankings. SEO Services in Dubaihas stated this is the time when a good business needs to turn to legitimate SEO companies for help.

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