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Key Tips for Creating a User-Friendly E-Commerce site

E-commerce is the soon-to-be mega trend of every society around. With increasingly busy lifestyle, the convenience that e-commerce sites provide is surely unmatchable. You can get all that you want only with few clicks delivered right at your homes. The prices and quality of the products and services offered at these sites is usually quite good and hence give the visitors a reason to switch from the traditional shopping to online shopping more frequently.

Although these E-commerce sites are generating huge business nowadays, yet there are many short comings that these sites are often faced with. The general  E-commerce website design being followed is decently interactive and convenient to use, but these sites in general may sometimes become a bit time-taking to surf through and find your desired products or services there. This extra time consumed can make many visitors bounce back without converting into customers. There are many reasons behind that and to cater to all these reasons, the following tips can help in making your E-commerce site more user-friendly:

  1. Place a decent number of calls-to-action on your E-commerce site that will help customers place their order anytime without having to search for the relevant buttons. Moreover, there should be sign-up buttons placed on the site as well that lead towards a simple and to-the-point sign up form which consumers don’t feel reluctant to fill in.
  2. Don’t force the consumers to register on these sites just for the sake of navigating the site in detail. Give them an option for this so that they can make their purchases without getting worried about subscriptions and registrations.
  3. Keep your E-commerce site easily searchable. It should be convenient for the people to navigate through the site and find their required products without wasting a lot of their time. Also offer them with keyword suggestions related to their queries so that customers can find a bigger range of options to choose from.
  4. Shopping cart should always be provided so that whatever customers choose to buy, they can keep it aside for later confirmations and placing the final order. Also assure the visitors of complete confidentiality of their info and that they will be delivered their consignment at right time and at the right place.
  5. Allow the customers to follow-up with the delivery status to make sure they have taken the right step. They will be satisfied to know the current position of their shipment and will be able to estimate the time remaining for the final delivery. Also allow the user to edit the info they have provided for being surer about the overall buying procedure.
  6. Keep you customers fully aware of the basic and additional charges that they will be incurred with during the purchase. Don’t plan to give them last minute surprises.

Following these basic principle for E-commerce website can help make the user experience more memorable for the purchasers. Although the E-commerce website design has got most of these qualities, but there is still room for further improvement.

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