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Why Your Website Must Have Responsive In 2015

Responsive web design importance

In the current time of the world individuals who have internet access through mobile technology responsive web are numerous and cannot be disregarded willfully. This is because Responsive Web Design dominance has greatly increased over time especially last few years of mobile technology evolution. The National Statistics Department, last year they stated publicly that majority of the adults, a fraction of about 7/10 had internet access using a tablet or mobile phone. How internet is viewed by us and technology has been completely changed by use of mobile phone. The best possible view effect via a huge range of resolutions and sizes of screen must be ensured due to the fast growing number of internet users using mobile. This is to enable websites to engage and accommodate potential clients or customers.

Why your website should be responsive?

If you are creating a brand new website in 2015, there are some factors you should consider in construction of a favorable and friendly disposition responsive web design. A Web designs with propitious aspect of response, they response and adjust so as to fit to the screen’s size of the user, despite of the element they are using in viewing the website whether on a desktop, smartphone or a tablet. In responsive website, crawling of your pages by Google’s crawlers is only done once since the set of code is only one. Thus making use of Google’s site the most efficient compared to the other adaptive sites which must crawl on every single of the configuration of the Website you created. It has help Google indexing in an indirect way in more of a content site.

Your Branding Benefits

In today’s world unresponsive websites are very irritating and frustrating to people using mobile, which was viewed earlier as the majority individual accessing your website. You as a business person, you don’t want your customers to have a thinking that you are a company that doesn’t care about your customers or a company of behind times. By creating responsive web design, your customers will think of you as a company in the present and not only in the present but also cares about its customers and putting their needs first. Creating responsive websites it prevents loss of value of your brand and boosts your business because of about 7/10 of the people use mobile hence they have access to your website.

User Benefits Experience (UX)

In responsive Web Design, information is delivered in a perspicuous and plain way with interlude and buttons elements altered to fit for a figure touch and not a mouse click. This presents a solidity more develop experience for customers throughout a huge range of different mobile device. Viewing an unresponsive website on your mobile phone or tablet, it is very irritating and frustrating. In this instance higher rates of bounce can lead customers in turning against your brand. Statistics shows that potential clients and customers whilst to reach services and brands with a responsive website. So by having a responsive website you will be growing your bond with potential clients and customers.

Search Engine Optimization (Favors of responsive website)

In the February of the year 2015, Google stated publicly on its Webmaster Central blog that friendly mobile web pages was made easier for uses to find them . They further clarified that on 21st of April in 2015 the result listing of friendly mobile website will be more on their site. This precise rule change will revolutionized everything and will lead to increased rankings at a single page level.

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